Talent Mama Project (CODE NAME)

For this NYC based live-event producer and digital marketing firm, necessity... truly is the mother of invention.


Having to produce and staff hundreds of original-talent acts for live-events worldwide demands painstaking logistics. With hopes of automating their efforts, they turned to  legacy Talent Management Systems but found them woefully outdated; lacking the innovation demanded by today's consumer of social media.


With no clear solution, they turned to us to help them build a better way...

Intelligent Product Design

We begin at an essential place most product developers skip—"Phase Zero".  An alchemistic brew of  business fundamentals, competitive analysis and fantasy, it's the space we create to imagine another way.


From this foundation , we develop strategic clarity  that gives our client a competitive edge... building the right App, targeted at the right market with the right features.

We start by listening...

Benefits Delivered

And by listening, we delivered...


A multi-tenant, SaaS application with a "visual-centric" user interface, and the following key functional benefits:


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Easily Manage Applicants, Communications and Collaborations

All  your people, data & collaborations in one place. View and manage your project information, review applicant history, and keep track of key metrics for submissions, interviews and callbacks with real-time dashboards.

Visual Talent Catalog

Your talent can not be evaluated by words alone.

Our visual catalog makes it intuitively simple to search-view-act. And the multimedia resume takes you beyond head shots with custom photo layouts and high-quality video clips.

Candidate Relevancy Score

Candidates are dynamically scored according to categorical variables and answers to your custom questions. We combine this quantitative data with qualitative interview results to create a candidate stack ranking.

Assessment & Sorting Engine

We make it easy to identify the best candidates. Based on your criteria, candidates are dynamically scored and presented in our innovative SORTING PANEL. With "thumbs-up/down" simplicity, you make the final sort and view stack rankings by individual or team.



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A Profile You’ll be Proud to Share

Create a professional ‘Smart Profile’ in minutes that can easily be shared or printed. Our  multi-media showcase beautifully displays your skills, interests, disciplines and professional bio, as well as integrates with networks including Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

One-Click Apply

With your ‘Smart Profile’ in place, we’ve made it dead simple to apply for opportunities with customized presentations.  And our exclusive ACTIVITY STREAM helps you keep track of all conversations and history regarding your application.

Find the Jobs You Want

Find and be found...

Apart from belonging to individual employers private talent collections, you have the option to join our PUBLIC GALLERY, giving you more opportunities to be found and procure  the job you want.